Action Custom Straps | High Grade Leather Custom Guitar and Camera Straps Made in the USA


Regular price $ 135

To make our Blackjack regular custom camera strap, we carefully cut and then inlay a strip of black cowhide into a tan cowhide body, add a sueded shoulder pad of the same material and ends with quick releases. 

 Each Blackjack regular custom camera strap comes with three sets of end pieces in different lengths that can be changed to adjust the overall length of the strap up to 4”.  Also, the longest set of end pieces, when used with the extra quick release set (included with each strap), form a hand strap.

Our Blackjack regular custom camera strap is 1 7/8” wide and is available in short (adjusts from 32” to 34” to 36”), medium ( adjusts from 38” to 40” to 42”), and long (adjusts from 44” to 46” to 48”).  For shorter or longer lengths call or e-mail.