Diamondback Rattlesnake Series 200

Diamondback Rattlesnake Series 200

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For those who demand more... we want to see that you get it!

Some guitar players like a little wider strap and one that is comfortable and still makes a statement. So the body of our Diamondback Rattlesnake Series 200 Custom Guitar Strap is 3 1/4”�� wide and made of the finest, softest top grain leather we can find. After the body is precisely cut and the edges are hand rolled, the center pattern of a larger Diamondback Rattlesnake is carefully inlaid. The construction of the body is then finished and 7 more pieces of precisely cut leather are hand assembled to complete the strap.

At Action Custom Straps we have always preferred not to cut holes in the body of our straps (which is too soft to be used in this way), so we add an additional hidden adjustment piece that gives a clean look no matter where the strap is adjusted. This means that soft leather is used where it can be appreciated and stronger leather where it is needed!

You will love the feel and looks of our Diamondback Rattlesnake Series 200 custom guitar strap. As stated above, the width is 3 1/4”. Standard length is 44” to 54”. Add 4” at no extra charge or if you need a specific length, just let us know in an e-mail. sales@actioncustomstraps.com Or give us a call at 800-354-4939 and we will take all the time needed to get it right.

And like all of our straps which feature genuine snakeskin, just like all things natural, each will be a little different.