Earth Child - Vintage Blue Jean Leg in Brown Leather

Earth Child - Vintage Blue Jean Leg in Brown Leather

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Our Earthchild custom guitar strap is made of earthy brown top grain leather and the seam from a pair of experienced blue jeans. First we construct the body, hand rolling the sides, thus eliminating any edges that might irritate your neck. The we add 7 more precisely cut pieces of top grain leather and sew it a with a strong double stitch.

Cutting holes in the body of our straps is not something we can bring ourselves to do (but that's okay because the leather is too soft to be used in this way), so we add an additional hidden adjustment piece that gives a clean look no matter where the strap is adjusted. Soft leather is used where it can be appreciated and stronger leather where it is needed! After the strap is assembled, it is sewn with a double stitch.

Earthchild is a Series 100 meaning it is 2 1/2" wide and will adjust from 44" to 54". If you need a longer length, let us know. We will try to accommodate, but vintage jeans longer than our standard length are hard to find. But we will try! As well, let us know what color of jeans you prefer.

Each strap is built as it is ordered here in Indianapolis, IN. Our straps are shipped USPS Priority Mail with tracking in the continental US. For International shipping to countries other than those listed, please contact us for options available.